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4PON EPON OLT 1U Pizza-Box - FD1104SN

4GE and 4 SFP slots interface for uplink, and 4 EPON ports for downstream. It can support 256 ONU under 1:64 splitter ratio.

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Product Description Specification PACKING

 Product Overview 

Pizza-Box OLT series products is 1U high 19 inch rack mount product. The features of the OLT are small, convenient, flexible, easy to deploy, high performance. It is appropriate to deploy in an compact room environment.

The OLT can use for “Triple-Play”, CPN, IP Camera, Enterprise LAN and IOT applications. It is a high performance products.

FD1104SN provides 4GE and 4 SFP slots interface for uplink, and 4 EPON ports for downstream. It can support 256 ONU under 1:64 splitter ratio. 

 Product Features

Comply with IEEE802.3ah standards and China's Telecom industry EPON standards

Support OAM remote management of ONU, compatible with IEEE802.3ah protocol

Standalone 1U 4PON compact design of OLT products

FD1104SN provides 4 EPON ports, 4 uplink GE optical ports + 4 uplink GE electric ports. Each PON port supports 64 ONU, total 256 ONU for one chassis. Support dual power supply redundancy, 220VAC and -48VDC mixed.

SFU, HGU series ONU products, Meet the needs of the different scenarios of networking

The complete layer 2 switching function

OLT is with powerful layer 2 switching capacity and complete layer 2 protocol. Supporting with the exchange, isolation and One By One working mode. Supporting port aggregation, VLAN, port speed, queue technology, flow control technology and ACL rich two layer function.

The QOS security

EPON products is with complete DBA function and excellent ability of QoS service.It can meet different business flow of time delay, jitter and packet loss rate of different QoS requirements. Realize stable and efficient dynamic bandwidth allocation .

Easy-to-use management system

Support CLI and SNMP management. complying with IEEE802.3ah standard. Realizing the business management through OAM protocol. including the ONU function parameters, QoS parameter, configuration request information and performance statistics, automatic notification running event system, the realization of OLT on ONU configuration, fault diagnosis, performance and security management.