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EOC All-In-One (ONU+OR+2*EOC) - CD7934-R1

EOC All-In-One (ONU+OR+2*EOC):Built-in one ONU Module, one or module and two 74 series chipset EOC Modules;one EPON uplink port, one CATV optical input, four TV+data mixed output port. Outdoor waterproof designed. 220VAC/60VAC power supply.

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Product Description Specification PACKING

 Product Overview 

CD7934-R1 is an all-in-one EOC Master with EOC master module, ONU module and or module.
We can use one CD7934-R1 to instead of three type products, HFC optical node, EPON ONU and EOC mater. It can reduce the number of active node in the system, decreasing failure rate and saving a space. It is the best choice of CATV, Internet and VOD for the operator.

The EOC Master Module in the CD7934-R1 is based the Qualcomm AR7410 chipset solution,with high anti jamming capability OFDM technology. The 7.5-65MHz low frequency band is used for EOC signals. Built in high isolation filter as CATV RF and EOC signal mixer, the EOC signal and CATV signal in 87~862MHz can run on one cable without interference. The EOC Master can provide high speed data service. The PHY Layer speed is 600Mbps, the MAC Layer throughput is up to 320Mpbs.

The or module in the CD7934-R1 can provide an HFC optical input and one RF output. The CATV signal will convert from optical to RF signal here.  The or module is a high quality optical receiver product. It received the optical signal from the TX of HFC network, and the signal processed by the PIN, Amplifier, EQ and AGC to a stable RF output. The output level will be up to 108dBuv. The ONU module in the CD7934-R1 designed with one EPON port, two standard 10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethernet ports. It provides the key functionality of 802.3ah EPON ONU. By using the EPON technology, the ONU module provides a high-speed data channel through a single optical fiber with a rate of 1.25 Gbit/s on bi-direction. In addition, it offers the QOS, flexible bandwidth allocated to provide quality high-speed data service, voice service, and video service.

High integration with four EOC Master modules, one ONU module and one or module Aluminum alloy die casting shaping, good heat dissipation Outdoor waterproof designed, 60V/220V power supply optional 7.5-65Mhz frequency for EOC signals., no influence on CATV Service

 Product Features 

Support data encryption
Support broadcast storm limitation
Support data packet statistics
Terminal configurations send automatically, plug and play
Support software online upgrade
Support the optical power monitor
Flexible bandwidth allocation function
Support various QOS service level
Provide a rich fault alarm function, easy to fault diagnosis
OR support AGC
CATV RF output up to 108dBuv
ONU module compliant with IEEE802.3ah and CTC2.1standards.
ONU module support interconnection with the third-party OLT
Support the EMS network based on SNMP