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●  2009
C-DATA Founded

Released Homeplug BPL EOC
Launched EPON

●  2011
EOC got large-scale applied  in China
Released Homeplug AV 64 series EOC product
Started Pizza-Box EPON OLT product develop

●  2012
Released  Homeplug AV 74 series EOC
Launched Card-inserted EPON OLT

●  2013
Accomplished designing Cortina Chipset OLT and ONU
Integrated All in one EOC Master
Designed the network management software for EPON, EOC and HFC

●  2014
Revenue of PON increased 50%
Launched GPON OLT and ONT

●  2015
Built New manufacturing center and SMT base
Released GPON OLT and ONT
Launched Various OLTs

●  2016
Our GPON has captured a big market
Launched Realtek EPON ONU