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Company Profile

Who we are?
C-Data is a high-tech enterprises that focus on providing broadband network access devices. The company located in Honghualing industrial Zone of Shenzhen. C-Data was jointly founded by a group of elite of the marketing, research and development, and management personnel in the field of network  communication.  fiber mixed coaxial (HFC) network of cable TV, broadband IP network with long-term research and application of experience, for FTTX architecture, technical scheme, equipment research and development and engineering application has a profound and unique understanding.

Company positioning for international professional access network products manufacturer, since established in 2009, is committed to a mile access network technology research and product development, combination of IP technology and radio frequency modulation technology, become a global integrated service transmission of voice, data, video products leader. The company's main products include EPON network devices, EOC, CATV optical transmission equipment and network equipment optical transceiver products.

What we do?

Company established at the beginning of the focus on research, design and manufacturing has the innovative spirit and conform to the standard access network product, implementation to the most preferential price, the most advanced products with stable and reliable product quality and good service,  and create high speed and high quality for the user, multimedia, multi-dimensional information rich experience.

Our Market Network

Currently products are exported to all over the world, hundred countries in five continents operator has been widely used in network, enterprise network and recognition. And in the domestic market, but also telecommunications, radio and television, home network operators, system integrators, and many other user groups. Since its establishment has maintained stable sales growth, has to store enough energy transformation, will have a major breakthrough in 2018 years.